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It starts with a cereal bar wrapper and ends with a bottle of beer. As you go through your day, the average person produces 4.4 pounds of garbage. All together, Americans generate more than 250 million tons of waste every year. Rather than adding to the trash pile, try turning your wine corks, dead light bulbs or plastic soda bottles into a mat, vase or pet food scoop. Upcycling is not just a great Earth Day activity, but a creative way to save money and spice up your home.
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Here are five creative upcycling ideas for common household items.
Mason Jars. They’re not just for canning anymore! Once you start looking, you’ll see that mason jars areeverywhere. They’re at thrift stores, garage sales and maybe even in Grandma Rose’s basement. Try one of the mason jar upcycling ideas below, or check out Upcycle This: Organize & Decorate With Mason Jars.
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Plastic Soda Bottles. Plastic bottles take 450 years to decompose in the landfill and currently, only 20% get recycled. Add a little flare to your yard with soda bottle art, or try something more practical and make a scoop or planter. Here’s how: Upcycle this: Plastic Soda Bottles.
Paint Cans. This spring, turn your paint cans into planters or spray paint cans into a light fixture. Or, make like Martha Stewart and create these cute cubbies for your kid’s room.
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Yard Rakes. Love wine? We do, too. Need a creative solution for storing your wine glasses? Then you will love this idea by Tattered Style - upcycle your old yard rake into a wine glass holder.
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Photo: WelchWrite
Wine Corks. Speaking of wine… did you know that as Americans, we uncork more than13 billion bottles of vino per year? That’s a lot of leftover wine corks. Next time you pop open a bottle, start saving your corks to create a coaster, mat or wreath.
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I Am an Engineer to Change the World

Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres invented the world's first clothes-spray, which after application to the body can be removed, washed and worn again. Spray consists of special fibers mixed with polymers, so that the product obtained elastic and durable.

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DIY: Distressed Jeans!

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Child Model Petition

Take a minute to sign this petition please. Child Models (Reminder, child models are all seventeen and YOUNGER) in New York need their legal protection and rights. 

In New York, this is the industry analysis for CHILD models - it's so wrong.
* 76% of the models have been exposed to drugs and/or alcohol on the job.
* Currently NO child models have provisions for chaperones. 0%
* 87% of models have experienced a surprise nude shoot or casting.

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New Short Hairstyles 2013

New short length hairstyles 2013 have become one of the hottest trends in this fashion industry this year, everyone is demanding for short chin length hair and hairstyles. These new short hairstyles 2013are absolutely perfect and gives a very stunning appeal which is nothing less than a perfection, it’s one of the consistent hairstyle been demanded by many women and girls because it is very versatile and provides you with a complete confident look.
New Short Hairstyles 2013
New Short Hairstyles 2013
In new short hair style which is usually known as one of the style of bob cut, the addition of bangs makes it more appealing and very much trendy. The angled chin length hair style that gives more of a funky stylish look with a choppy, messy or some layers that are very stylish and fresh. These hairstyles are not only popular in common women and girls but also many of known celebrities who are loving having this new short hairstyles 2013. Adding curls and waves adds a great impression to your hair cut it is a very cool and fresh hairstyles for both the young and adults, the blunt chin hairstyles are another unbelievable hairstyle that women can adopt without any second thought because you can carry this hairstyle to any kind of function. But one thing you should take care with these new Short hairstyles is regular trimming of your hair for a proper neat look.
New Short Hairstyles 2013
New Short Hairstyles 2013
New short hairstyles 2013 are suitable for all women who have a small round face, if you have this kind of small rounded face than you can choose this hairstyle and you will look fresh and younger than before. These new short hairstyles are suitable for curly or wavy hair texture and are changing the stream of the fashion industry, so it is a good news for all women who have naturally curly or wavy hair texture.
New Short Hairstyles
New Short Hairstyles 2013
Women think that if you make your hair length short that it will turn into a nightmare, but if you have planned for a better change than keep this thing in mind that it will look good and many of the women will look more beautiful when you cut your hair to shoulder length, so don’t be afraid to adopt any change for your hair style just go for it.  New short hairstyles 2013 are very easy to maintain and they give you a new and stylish look, this is the reason why the majority of women is cutting their hair into the short length hairstyle and it is becoming a fashion statement for all.

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Men's Long Hairstyles 2013

Long hairstyles for men2013 are easy and simple styles with some changes for new look. These styles in casual form are free-flowing easy and remain on their own place. There are many formal styles. You can get every type of styles from Long hairstyles for men2013 for any casual and formal event.
Long Hairstyles for Men 2013
Long Hairstyles for Men 2013
These long hairstyles for men 2013 are not complicated like women. Men can easily styles and maintain their hairstyles and hair condition. These styles are easier if you have medium long hair. Medium long hairs are easy to wash and care on daily bases. Usually Short hairstyles are best option for men particularly for young boys who used to play game on daily bases long hairstyles for men 2013 are now being popular in 2013. Curly long hairstyles are favorite styles of most men. These styles were first only for girls but now men like and wear curly styles and look dashing. Now the curly long hairstyle for men 2013 trend turns to men. You can notice that most men now wear long curly hair and look great with curly styles. You can get interested hair textured with choppy uneven bangs by brushing it forward.
Long Hairstyles for Men 2013
Long Hairstyles for Men 2013
Long hairstyles for men 2013 trend in men’s styles get popularity with the passage of time and wear in parties and big events. Men look dashing with long curly hair and these styles big personality look. Most guys find it hard to do with long hair and get best style. They can do many things with their styles to get best styles. You can try many styles that are currently popular and strong styles in the fashion industry. If you have long hair then you should not worried about it. As most men worry about their long hair that how they can styles their long hair. You can care your hair perfectly with careful up-keep and with the usage of right products. You have to use hair products on daily bases to get good hair health.
Long Hairstyles for Men 2013
Long Hairstyles for Men 2013
When you going to cut your hair, you can get any style by cutting your hair but long hairstyles for men 2013 are best options for young boys and men. There are multiple ways to get best look. You should first check styles to get good and suitable look. You should not crash your hair without proper idea. It will best for you to keep your hair simple and without layers. When you make layers keep balance between front back and sides to get balanced and proper look. To shine your men’s hairstyles 2013 you may also need some kind of finishing items.     Hairstyles 2013
Long Hairstyles for Men 2013
Long Hairstyles for Men 20131

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